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Connecting Students to Experts Using Google Video Chat Technology

JHS sculpture students meet renowned sculptor, David Kimball Anderson. Mr. Anderson currently resides in California and joined these students via Google video chat. This was an exceptional and exciting opportunity for students to interact with a skilled and successful artist REAL TIME. Thank you to JHS teachers, Jessica Barnd and Heidi Graf, for arranging this for our students! To learn more about Mr. Anderson > Information

Give Kids a Chance to Share their Talents

JMS 5th grade band students had a talent show! This gave students a chance to share a special piece of music they may have learned on their own or even share another musical talent – amazing how many students know more than one instrument! We are so happy that our students explore their creativity BEYOND the classroom!

5th Graders Show Off their Coding Skills

Do you know how to Code? Well, these JMS 5th graders do! For the Jordan School Board, these talented Jordan students showed how they use coding to develop games of strategy and skill and to also program the Finch Robots! #‎thefutureisbright‬ #‎WeMakeCode..More Information

We Paint COWS??

JHS art students, with teacher Jessica Barnd, received an exciting invitation to put their artistic stamp on the new Jordan Supper Club mascot, "Sir Loin". ‪#‎WeMake717‬‪#‎WeMakeArt‬

..More Information

New Collaborative Spaces Make Learning Fun!

JMS CREATIVE SPACES AND TEACHING AT WORK... for those "Risk" fans out there... recently, Mr. Mangone and JHS World Geography students spent several class periods in one of the JMS collaboration stations with glass walls which allowed for a giant map to be drawn and a historically correct game of Risk to be played. What a great way to have fun and learn at the same time! Fun to watch... ‪#‎WeMakeLearningFun‬..More Information

Community Connections through Creativity and Compassion

A very special morning with our neighbors at Oak Terrace... the first grade students shared Thanksgiving music, a story, and a fun art project! So many of our Oak Terrace neighbors were formal teachers and they were such great leaders in the art project! ‪#‎community ..More Information

Move Over Traditional Book Talks!

It's "Book Talk Day" for our 8th grade Honors English class – instead of a typical book report, these students used their Chromebooks to create presentations about their book and presented, in a small group rotation, to our 5th grade Honors English students. What a great way for our younger students to take note of cool books and for our older students to hone their presentation skills! ‪#‎21stcenturylearners‬..More Information

Making Music Outside of our Community!

Six JHS band students participated and performed in the University of St. Thomas Honor Band Festival on Monday. The UST Honor Bands were made up of high school band students from around the Twin Cities who were nominated by their teachers and chosen by the university faculty. The students spent the ..More Information

#WeMakeThingFly at JHS – Mr. Aldrich / Physics

"We are studying acceleration, and will eventually segway into force, impulse, and several other related items. During this unit, I introduce rocketry to make the material more relative. The kids start out by constructing air-powered rockets (we use an old "stomper rocket" setup I bought way-back-when) without knowing much at all about rocket "stability." I encourage them to experiment, and then we launch. It's usually quite comical, as some of the rockets will barely make it off the launch pad. We then go back and look through center of gravity (weight distribution) and center of pressure and how it relates to the stability of rocket flight.
..More Information

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