Guidelines for the Public to address the School Board

Other than Agenda items (Limit 30 minutes, 5 minutes per speaker). During the public comment part of each regular school board meeting, up to 30 minutes of time will be allowed for district constituents to address the school board.  Each person may have up to 5 minutes of time to speak.  This is a time of "listening" by the school board. The board is here to listen only and will not take action or discuss topics brought forward during the open forum.  It may, at its discretion, ask questions for clarification of issues. The board may, if it deems appropriate, bring said issues forward at a subsequent meeting.  NO PERSONAL ATTACKS WILL BE ALLOWED.  The open forum is the only opportunity for members of the audience to speak out during the meeting. Please see attached form and follow the guidelines for presenting your topic.


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Public Comment Board Form